Week in Review

April 17, 2015

in week in review

11084687_376848109177766_1847398278_nOn our last walk together yesterday

1516299_1613201455581727_574891488_nLe Pug eyeing my salad

11085128_432358160272717_1129817072_nOutside Dolcezza awaiting his champagne mango sorbetto

11084865_452480201569431_272442892_nGetting needled

10727595_818528931567587_1167842733_nLe Pug and Le Beau under the lilacs

11098440_812496918820879_1149385650_nReconnected with curling iron {thanks to Carol’s tutorial}

11137917_346829458849890_633334343_nA beautifully blended nightcap

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.12.18 AM

Received the kindest compliment from one of my dearest teachers

Week in Review

Said goodbye to the love of my life, Le Pug, yesterday
Survived more seizures, including clusters due to brain tumor growth
Took Le Pug to the vet, he was admitted to ICU
Dined with Le Beau at IHOP and cried over our pancakes
Had Le Pug needled by holistic vet
Took Le Pug to Dolcezza for champagne mango sorbetto
Volunteered at hospice
Cancelled everything in Daybook Thursday and Friday
Taught 2 yoga classes
Took 2 yoga classes
Biked 4 miles
Saw 8 clients at The Women’s Center
Had brunch with girlfriend
Consumed oodles of green juice
Taught 1.5 hours of teacher training
Met with teacher
Released podcast #335 “Walk on the Healthy Side”
Penned and shared Week 15 of 52 Weeks of Tranquility
Met with therapist
Met with Teacher Assistant Director
Finalized Tranquilologie Second Edition
Savored many soaks in the tub
Organized design plans for TranquiliT’s spring launch
Was blessed with lots of love and support by family and friends
Curled my hair for first time in 5 years
Had Facetime for Mama Wilson and Le Pug

Weekend Wish List

Pick up Le Pug’s ashes

Et toi? What’s on your weekend wish list? Bisous. x



Week 15: Capture the Moment

Famed photographer Ansel Adams said that you don’t take a photograph, you make it.

For as long as I can remember, photography has been part of my daily life. Growing up, my father had a darkroom added on to our home and we often received new point-and-shoot film cameras for the holidays {after posing by the tree AND with each gift, of course}.

I spent more time “modeling” on rocks in the mountains than most kids spent playing in the sandbox. And I have no regrets.

Although I’ve never had a fancy camera {the instruction manuals make me cry}, I use my iPhone to capture sweet moments of every day. As noted in today’s podcast, I took an iPhoneography class in DC a few years ago and was introduced to many editing apps.

Yet, the basic iPhone camera and tools in Instagram tend to be my go-to. Simple. And no instruction manual needed.

Friday we gathered Le Pug for a morning among the cherry blossoms before the swarm of tourists descended. I captured the above shot of the Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin framed by peaked blooms. Although I had to zoom heavily {contributing to a grainy look} and dodge the increasing crowd, I love the way it turned out.

This week, carry a camera or your smartphone to capture inspiration in the moment. See a bathing bird, tree in bloom, cuppa tea steaming, sun lit patch of grass, or colorful pair of shoes in a window {or on your feet}, snap it.

Need a few tips to exercise your photography muscles? Here are my basics:

  • Avoid auto flash and look for natural lighting. Snap in the golden hours.
  • Crop photos versus spending lots of time in post-production editing.
  • Frame your images with overhanging branches {as shown above}.
  • Zoom in to capture details.
  • Use props such as chalkboards, flowers, baskets, yoga mats, bicycles, umbrellas, books, vintage suitcases, quilts.
  • Avoid direct sunlight = shadows.
  • Remove clutter like cords, pet toys, or rug edges from the shot.
  • Snap unique personal details {journals, art supplies, tea mug}.
  • Use fun background such as painted brick walls, murals, and wood fences.

Above all, have fun and pay attention to the beautiful {and messy} details of daily life.

Share: Capture the moment and share it in our Facebook group and/or using #52weekstranquility via other social media channels.

Watch for Week 16 of 52 Weeks of Tranquility next week. Thank you for being here with us. Bisous. x

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May we savor deep moments of tranquility.


Welcome to the 335th edition of Tranquility du Jour. Today’s show features A Walk on the Healthy Side with Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer Lindsay Hunt. Be inspired by her journey to health coaching, learn how she helps clients prepare for a session, and hear her favorite tools, tips, and resources.

Tranquility du Jour 335


Featured Guest: Lindsay Hunt is a Certified Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. She is dedicated in helping people make healthy lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results. You can work with Lindsay from anywhere as she offers virtual health coaching programs. For more info on how you can get coached by Lindsay you can visit her website www.walkonthehealthyside.com. Also, follow her at facebook.com/lindsayehunt to stay up to date with her latest nutrition and fitness tips!


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11084790_1629874703903212_812276929_n-1Darca: Burning question: do you take all those fabulous pictures with just your iPhone?!? LOVE the Marsala colour!

{Note to readers: image to the left is the new color discussed in the podcast}

Angela: I have to ask…is black your most fav color to wear or do you do it for simplicity sake? Not at all being critical, you always look lovely…just wondered? I know a lot of “capsule wardrobe” ladies use black as the base for most of their clothes and use scarves and accessories for color…I am considering a capsule wardrobe, but I like color variety…..a lot!!! Would love a video about your wardrobe if you get a chance. Love watching your videos!!!

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