Week in Review

July 3, 2015

in week in review

11336185_478304055672045_1831959445_nBaked strawberry cupcakes {with lots of help from Tim}

11334484_414992878684978_908652582_nPenned July Dreams  into Daybook

11374647_914154028625746_793558994_nBegan reading How to Write a Memoir in 30 Days

11417444_871884472906050_1805566899_nReceived birthday peonies from Tim

Week in Review

Read Anne Cushman’s great piece on 6 Steps to Establish a Daily Practice
Signed up for a 5-day writing workshop
Saw clients at The Women’s Center
Penned my July dreams
Posted my overall goals across an armoire with pink Post-Its
Baked pink cupcakes
Hosted a TranquiliT birthday sale
Penned Tranquilosophy: Write {Week 26 of 52 Weeks of Tranquility}
Shared My Paris video
Tons of coordination with pug rescues
Set up appointments with two rescue pugs in Oklahoma
Shared piece in Tranquil Space newsletter
Conducted three podcast interviews
Sat at cafe to write for a few hours
Turned 42 and felt like a queen {thanks for your kindness}
Penned thank you notes
Savored a hot stone massage
Purchased The Tools
Met with printer regarding Daybook 4.0
Created and sent Love Note
Coordinated Costa Rica 2016 {date TBA}
Opened registration for Penning in Paris 2016
Coordinated orders with seamstress
Met with therapist
Attended peer group supervision
Volunteered at Hospice
Met with writing group
Started Write Your Memoir in 30 Days
Brunched with girlfriend
Shared sweet pig video
Consumed many green juices {and much salt water taffy}
Found hiding place of said salt water taffy {yes, I’d requested it to be hidden}
Opened birthday gifts with glee {I got a pink pig watering can!}

Weekend Wish List

Volunteer at Hospice
Order parfum making supplies
Read Full Catastrophe Living
Dinner and Audrey Hepburn exhibit with girlfriend
Physical therapy session for broken wings {shoulders}
Package TranquiliT orders

Et toi? What’s on your weekend wish list? Bisous. x



Week 26: Write

The blank page beckons. It provides the opportunity to unleash emotion, memories, fantasies, and dreams.

Writing is a blend of vulnerability and empowerment. Hemingway said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Yep, full-fledged vulnerability.

I grew up to the dings and taps of my father’s typewriter as he wrote into the wee hours. The instrument provided power to create and share. I was smitten.

For years writing served simply as an emotional outlet to capture my struggles, relationships, and doubts in a lined spiral-bound journal. Then I began writing for my yoga studio—newsletters, agreements, marketing materials. Shortly thereafter I found my way to blogging, writing books, studying writing, and occasionally teaching about the writing practice.

My journey continues to evolve the more I learn and explore. It’s truly a practice ripe with possibility. And the best part? There’s no one way to do it. From love notes to snail mail to memos to journal writing to essays to articles to op-eds to books, the options are limitless.

Yet to write takes time, effort, and the desire to bleed . . . at least a little.

Writing has been shown to speed up emotional and physical healing, to help change our perspective, and to lead to long-term improvements in mood, stress levels, and depressive symptoms. So, it looks like it may be worth the bleeding.

What do you feel bubbling up inside longing to get out? Does the thought of a blinking cursor or blank sheet of paper make you queasy? Is there a book idea swirling around in your mind?

Begin with pen and paper or a Word document titled “Writing.” Simple. Write what’s on your mind. Write what’s keeping you up at night. Write about the day your life changed. Write about your scar. Write about your relationship. Write the back cover copy for your memoir. Write your eulogy.

Make writing a priority this week, even if for only a few minutes during your lunch hour. Record your day with sensory details. Jot your dreams. Describe the setting you’re in. Share what you’re feeling. The point is to translate what’s in your head onto paper and observe what transpires without judgment.

Bleed a little and watch magic happen.

Share your experience this week in our Facebook group. Snap a photo of your writing practice and share it using #52weekstranquility.

Watch for Week 27 of 52 Weeks of Tranquility here next week.

Thank you for being here with us. Bisous. x

52 Weeks of Tranquility

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May we savor deep moments of tranquility.


Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.58.54 AM

Savor a video peek at a few of my favorite sensory-filled Parisian experiences.

When asked why I love Paris so much, I begin to gush.

The attention to detail. The style. The architecture. The green spaces. The bookstores. The sidewalk cafés. The museums. The impressionism. The Seine. The rose petal ice cream. The flowers. The ability to sip tea for hours without being encouraged to leave. The views of people reading of real books. The patisseries. The boulangeries. Ladurée. The taste of rosé . . . at lunch. The Eiffel Tower. The champagne. The farmers’ markets. The music. The vintage shopping. The flea markets. The bridges. The lampposts. The artistic flair. The pigeons. The abundance of chairs in the Tuileries and Luxembourg garden beckoning you to stay awhile. The hammams. The churches. The chocolate mousse.

Ah, the City of Light. So much packed into one pretty place.

Going to Paris? Peruse my go-tos. Bisous. x