Tranquilosophy: Week 4

January 29, 2015

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52 Weeks of Tranquility

This complimentary program is designed for us to stay motivated and engaged in 2015. Each week I’ll send inspiration to your inbox via love notes on Monday.

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Week 4

Our online book club pick is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and what a provocative read it has been!

Kondo writes, “As you put your house in order and decrease your possessions, you’ll see what your true values are, what is really important to you in your life . . . focus instead on choosing the things that inspire joy and on enjoying life according to your own standards.”
Her overarching message is to observe the feelings evoked by possessions and to shed what doesn’t evoke joy. For years I’ve relished in the feelings that come about from letting go of things that no longer bring pleasure—stuff, relationships, commitments.
Over the holidays I spent two days tearing apart my 600-square-foot Pink Palace. Going through drawers, closets, bins, counters, and all the nooks in between. By the end of the declutter marathon captured on Instagram, I had two bags of trash plus ten bags and two large boxes to donate. Although I still have books {gasp!} and paperwork-filled files to do, I am feeling lighter.
While there are many different methods, theories, and programs touting answers to our clutter issues, I want to encourage you to review your space with fresh eyes. What emotion does it evoke? What is working? What needs a home? What’s really in that catch-all drawer and do you still need it?
I came across a great quote by minimalist blogger Joshua Becker that says, “Owning less is far more beneficial than organizing more.” As you clear clutter this week, try asking yourself how and if the items bring you joy.
Also, do you need and use them regularly. If not, observe the lightness that arises when you begin to let them go. I recently dropped bags and boxes off at Goodwill and smiled to myself thinking about the new homes they would soon be entering. Let these items bring joy to others and you create more space, and tranquility, in your life.
Try clearing clutter over this week and share your results {even pics!} in our Facebook group. Watch for Week 5 of 52 Weeks of Tranquility delivered to your inbox next week. Thank you for being here with us. Bisous. x


VIP Immersion Days

January 28, 2015

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Craving a tranquility-filled mentoring immersion to jump start or deepen your dreams? Join moi for a VIP experience to design an in-depth action plan Tranquility du Jour style.

Spend an afternoon focused on YOU while nurturing your senses and making your vision a top priority. I’d be honored to be your guide and share my experience from the past 15+ years of teaching yoga, creating businesses, writing, and striving to make a difference.

This VIP package includes a 3-hour in-person session over afternoon high tea at one of my favorite DC or Paris rendezvous, a pre-meeting and post-meeting call, a preparatory PDF for you to complete before our session, a seven-day class pass to Tranquil Space, and a tranquility-filled goody bag {of course!} including a TranquiliT all-in-one wrap dress.

Details and available DC and Paris dates. Looking for a small boost? Consider a one-hour mentoring session. May your dreams and deepest desires shine forth in 2015. Bisous. x


Mindful Moment

January 27, 2015

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I recently started a new journal. Yep, a flocked damask one with gold edging. Opening the crisp fresh pages to pen thoughts with a colored marker is a sensory delight.

Today’s snowy DC morning begins with green rose loose leaf tea, a peek into my Daybook, and a moment with my thoughts.

We’re off to the neurologist to have Le Pug checked out after his recent seizure, so neither of us slept well. Feeling a bit like a nervous Nellie after spending time on Dr. Google last night researching his symptoms.

Penning in my journal while sipping tea with a snoring pug on my lap allows me the opportunity to regroup, soften into the day, and enter the vet experience in a more grounded manner.

When space allows today, pull out your journal. Plain white paper and ballpoint pen will do.

Note what you’re feeling. What emotions you’re experiencing. Explore what’s going on physically for you. Describe your environment. Dig deep. Even five minutes can make a big difference as you spill yourself onto the page. Bisous. x