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Week 12: Your Insides, Another’s Outsides

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest late at night looking at someone else’s life and feeling badly about your own? Guilty as charged.

There are darling pics of blowing glitter, weddings under the Eiffel Tower, precious Pottery Barn nurseries, or elegant dinner parties filled with beautiful people.

Of course, the glitter clean-up, heated wedding planning discussions, diaper changings, burnt entrees, and flaky friendships are often left out of our social media feeds.

And for good reason. Who wants to see that, right? We have enough burnt entrees in our own lives. Social media is a form of fantasy, a peek into another’s limited reality, and an escape from our own.

In former days, we used annual holiday letters and in-person gatherings to share our exploits and tell stories about how smart little Johnny was becoming. Now we can post these updates across many platforms multiple times a day.

This isn’t a “social media is bad” essay, but rather a reminder that what we share publicly is a snippet of reality. And typically the very best snippet possible with a splash of photo editing and clever comments thrown in.

For example, the above family selfie was taken at Washington Humane Society’s Sugar and Champagne event in February. When we posted the pictures from our evening on Instagram and Facebook, we received many sweet comments about how happy and healthy Louis looked.

Ironically, a week before he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and we debated whether we should use our annual event tickets. We were only a couple weeks out from his terrifying grand mal seizure and live in constant fear of another seizure.

Also, his “smiling” came from eating every doggie treat possible and being in a continual state of panting due to his medications and condition.

While we loved the kind words about how he looked, we also knew the truth. And so does everyone else posting a pretty, happy picture, or update online.

Remember, you see one side of the full, complicated adventure that is someone else’s life. Before coveting another’s exploits, style, or perfectly decorated home, try looking around at your own beautifully knotty life.

Sure you know the inner workings of it, the truth behind the happy photos, and the multiple takes it took to get that perfect family shot. Rest assured that comparing your insides to another person’s outsides is a recipe for disappointment.

Instead, relish the beautiful mess of your everyday life. Burnt entrees and all.

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Below are a few links referenced in the podcast:

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5. 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by J.J. Smith
6. Spring’s online book club pick: Better Then Before

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betterthanbeforeJust announced on our Tranquilosophy Seasonal Podcast, it’s time to share our spring online book club pick far and wide.

Suggested by Sheri {merci!} and finalized by moi, we’re going with Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives by Gretchen Rubin.

After hibernating, nesting, and tidying this winter {with help from winter’s book club pick}, let’s turn to blooming by spring cleaning our habits. My hope is that this this book will help us find our way.

Is there a specific habit you’re hoping to change? Lord knows I have a few! This process begins with self-awareness and I’m looking forward to the journey with you.

May our habits, hearts, and health bloom in many ways this season.

Savvy Sources:
Author’s website
Gretchen’s Podcast
New York Times article
Interview on the Accidental Creative Podcast

Reminder: To participate in our online book club, share thoughts, challenges, and insights about our chosen read in the comments section below.  

Merci for reading along. Find moi reading with you on Goodreads, too. Bisous. x