Daybook 6.0 Scoop + NEW Playbook

Infuse your days with tranquility. I’m delighted to announce  Tranquility du Jour Daybook 6.0 *and* and the NEW Playbook. Sprinkled with love, creativity, and productivity, this year’s edition comes in TWO options.


This 200-page dateless Daybook is a pink and gold planner, lifestyle organizer, and wellness guide all in one. 6.0 has been updated with more Tranquility Tips to assist with infusing the 32 Tranquility Tools into your day, more space for daily to-dos, an additional row for weekly projects, new colorful photos from travels and daily life, and more! 8.5 x 8.5. Gold spiral bound.
$55, includes US shipping. $75, includes international shipping.{PDF $29}


A 100-page dateless Playbook has all the pieces of the full Daybook *except* the 100 pages of 55 weekly layouts. This is ideal for those who use another planner system or prefer a digital calendar and want to have space to dream, reflect, and review using the 32 Tranquility Tools. 8.5 x 8.5. Gold spiral bound.
$35, includes US shipping. $55, includes international shipping. {PDF $19}

Pre-sale begins Friday, September 29 through  Friday, October 20  and includes THREE bonuses. Both will ship late November.

Daybook 6.0 Goodies

The December 30 2pm ET Playshop is an intimate online gathering showcasing my favorite tips and tools for making the most of your Daybook/Playbook. A recording will be sent out within 24 hours of the event.

The Daybook Story

As a long-time lover of planning, papier, and pens, I struggled to find the perfect planner to help organize my life and projects. For years I worked with stodgy black-and-white calendars stuffed with pink Post-its and ephemera dreaming of something more feminine and creative.

Seeking to blend function and style, I released the first colorful Daybook in 2012 and continue to enhance it with a new edition each fall. The weekly layout has space for your intention, projects, to-dos, appointments, Most Important Tasks (MITs), gratitude, wellness planning, plus daily and weekly Tranquility Tool checklists.

The Daybook is chock-full of tips and checklists for living productively and tranquilly—plant-based recipes, reading lists, a budget, packing lists, yoga and mindfulness mp3s, blank inspiration pages to invite your inner artist to play. Daybook supporters also have access to a private Facebook group and a private webpage with additional downloadable resources.

Start anytime and this dateless Daybook will guide you through a calendar year with daily doses of tranquility. Reflect weekly as you pen your week’s MITs, monthly while crafting your intention and dreams, and seasonally through the Wheel of Life.

My vision for the pink planner is to serve as a catch-all for your dreams, day’s events, and deepest thoughts—a chance to pause and find pockets of tranquility within life’s busyness. May this Daybook evoke joy when you pen plans, satisfaction when you check the boxes, and inspiration to get creative with ephemera, colored markers, and washi tape.




Tranquility du Jour #405: Creating with Purpose and Saving the Elephants

Creating with Purpose and Saving the Elephants with Diana Argueta. In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, Diana and I discuss her move to Nepal, work for the elephants, and activism through art. Learn how you, too, can help captive elephants in Asia and beyond.

Tranquility du Jour #405: Creating with Purpose and Saving the Elephants


Direct download: Tranquility du Jour #405: Creating with Purpose and Saving the Elephants

Upcoming Events

Shape Soirée Talk in Richmond: October 20

Writing in the Woods in West Virginia: October 27-29 {3 spots left}

Yoga + Mindfulness Mini Retreat in DC: December 31

Yoga, Mindfulness + Creativity in Costa Rica: February 17-24

Yoga + Art in West Virginia: May, 2018 TBA

Featured Guest: Diana Argueta Sinclair


Born in 1979, Diana grew up in Guatemala City, Guatemala. She obtained a BA in Political Science from Universidad Rafael Landivar and a Master’s Degree in International Politics and Law from Universidad Francisco Marroquin.

Diana worked for multinational companies and international cooperation agencies until 2012 when she married a career diplomat and moved to Nepal. As a teenager, she dreamed of joining an organization that saved wildlife.  That longing became real when she started volunteering for Nepali non-governmental organizations that help endangered wildlife and protect nature.

With a passion for travelling and photography, Diana has visited over 30 countries throughout her life.  After surviving the Nepal earthquake of April 2015, an unexpected change took place and Diana found solace in creativity and art. She now dedicates her time to her small business project and animal welfare activism while sipping tea and listening to her favorite podcasts.

You can check out her creative work on Instagram at Elephant Soul Crafts.

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