A Peek at Costa Rica

Self-care is how you take your power back.—Lalah Delia

In a few minutes I’ll head up to the dining hall to indulge in my final Costa Rican breakfast—a big bowl of papaya, homemade granola, and soy milk.

I’m still wrapping my head around this experience and possibly my 15th time (I’ve lost count) here at Pura Vida. This group was an absolute joy and was half full with repeat retreaters which is an honor. I love watching their ongoing evolution and getting to know them on a deeper level.

All week we indulged in yoga, creative play, mindfulness, vegan chocolate cake, vino, sunshine, papaya, twinkle lights, spa treatments, and self-compassion. I’ll return to DC tonight with a full heart and so much gratitude.

Below is an assortment of moments captured this week. Our next jaunt to Costa Rica is February 16-23, 2019 and I’m already looking forward to the papaya! Bisous. x

Packing for one week in Costa Rica = TranquiliT 2in1 flare, (4) 2in1 fitted, boyfriend tank, (5) capri leggings, perfect pant, palazzo pant, slip dress, off-the-shoulder top, compassion tee. Brought a pink sun hat and pink pig pouch with a few accessories. Wore the 2in1 fitted, capri leggings, sleeveless swing dress and long sleeve wrap tunic on the plane to easily transition from 30 to 80 degrees upon arrival!

Captured on Saturday after arrival. The tranquil view from our room.

Posing in front of pretty pink flowers.

Mama, me, and Julia the Pura Vida ambassador.

Aromatherapy workshop play time. Made a lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, and cedar spray and roll on.

Happy hour with mama and the group on our patio. Note the lights of San Jose in the background.

For the first time in a few years I got into the pool and floated around on these noodles. Someone joked that it was like seeing rare wildlife and photos were snapped to prove it happened.

Art journaling playtime on Friday night complete with vino, snacks, writing a letter congratulating themselves on doing what they’re taking away from this retreat {I’ll mail it to them at the end of the year}, and honoring each participant’s contributions to the experience.

Our gorgeous group filled with beautiful spirits.

One week from today . . .

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.—Anne Frank

When I transitioned from Tranquil Space last summer, I shared that I wanted to focus on growing a nonprofit I co-founded, Tranquil Space Foundation (TSF).

Since 2006 TSF designed and offered a Tranquil Teens program to over 600 girls and created an 8-week facilitator’s toolkit {download for free} with an amazing group of volunteers. We also donated over $30,000 to like-hearted organizations that supported women and girls.

As that project came full circle and my focused turned to animals, we transitioned to something new that I’m honored to put my heart into—Pigs & Pugs Project!

Next Thursday, on National Pig Day, we’re hosting our first Pigs & Pugs event, a film screening of The Last Pig at Washington, DC’s Atlantic Plumbing Landmark Cinema. We’ll have special guests Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary and Charlotte the pig with us.

If you’re able to join us in-person or in-spirit, I’d be so grateful!

You may recall my 2015 podcast interviews with the filmmaker, Allison and farmer, Bob—I believe it was the first time I lost my composure on the podcast. The story of this film is eye-opening, beautiful, and emotional.

Pigs & Pugs Project hosts events to raise awareness such as next week’s film screening of The Last Pig and Yoga + the Animals at Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary in June. We also donate to pug rescues and pig sanctuaries in need. Check out our blog for the latest micro grants. It’s a joy to be part of these animals’ transformations!

Watch for a shop page with Pigs & Pugs Project goodies (like TranquiliT’s new compassion tee) plus a resources page to learn more about pigs and pugs coming soon. It will also have a list of pug rescues around the United States plus pig sanctuaries! If you have any additional ideas, please share.

Please follow along and join us in spreading compassion. Bisous. x

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