Love + Tranquility

Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.—Mary Anne Radmacher
The past two months have been filled with various experiences that have pushed my edges, opened my heart, and left me disappointed—all rolled into one. I guess that’s this thing we call life, right?

From finding out that the farmette I’d fallen in love with was on a flood plain, to hosting The Last Pig film screening, to spending time with Mom and a gorgeous group in tropical Costa Rica, to learning brush lettering, to forcing my first paper whites, to getting rear ended on a country road, to completing a six-month Positive Psychology program, to starting a garden, to detoxing, to returning to ballet. Whew!

Life is messy and, yet, when I review my varied experiences, I find it helpful to focus on its continued unfolding. The interconnectedness. The lessons. The opportunities. The dreams. And the ways to move forward.

I chose an assortment of photos to speak to these various experiences and wanted to share resource links that I thought you, too, may find helpful.

Brush lettering
Starting a vegetable garden
The Last Pig film screening
Force blooming paper whites
Costa Rica photos
Hot baths burn calories
Spring Detox
Middle-aged ballerina
Thoughts affect our health
Writing therapy

As we move into this brand new week, notice what wants attention. Does your body crave movement or fresh whole foods? Does your mind need quiet? Are you wanting connection or solitude?

Over the past few months I’ve learned to notice, name, and then navigate what’s going on internally. It clears the cobwebs, provides clarity, and turns off autopilot for that brief moment.

Wishing you love and tranquility. And a long soak in the tub. Preferably with scented bubbles. Bisous. x

Detox: Day 7

Beyond nutrition, beauty is fed with your breath, your thoughts, and the way you sleep, move, feel, and even digest.—From Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart

We did it! Today is the final day of our 7-day detox.

While I definitely had some missteps {hello vegan ginger scones from Teaism}, I drank green smoothies, ate rice and steamed veggies, consumed salads, drank hot water with lemon, savored soaks in the tub, went to ballet and yoga classes, ate mostly unprocessed foods, and wrote in my journal.

Most of these practices are fairly typical for me. However, I’ll often succumb to the bakery across the street from my office or add a sweet treat to a meal and this week I made a conscious effort {despite a couple breakdowns} to stay on track.

Although I must confess, since last night I’ve had visions of consuming a large vegan pizza in celebration tonight.

Overall I definitely feel lighter, I was only hungry midday when I hadn’t filled my belly with enough snacks such as honeycrisp apple slices with all-natural crunchy peanut butter, raw almonds, or kale chips.

After tonight’s pizza {don’t judge}, I plan to use this momentum to take me into spring with more awareness and discipline to fill my body with beautiful, fresh, unprocessed fuel.

We’ve already started our spring cleaning {internally} and now let’s welcome the blooms that are sure to follow! Healthier habits, less inflammation, happy belly, less harm to the environment, glowing skin, more energy, fewer mood swings {darn sugar}, less suffering of animals.

Thanks for joining me for a meal, a day, a few days, or the full detox. I hope you, too, have found this reset enlightening. Bisous. x

TDJ Live is Coming

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.—Rilke

On Sunday, March 25 at 8pm ET we’ll be gathering online for our seasonal TDJ Live!

I’ve offered these one-hour events for over a decade and it’s an honor to connect with you in this way as we intentionally welcome the new season together.

Spring is a particularly special time of the year as we think about coming out of hibernation to bloom along with the natural world.

During TDJ Lives, I share eight tranquility tools for the season, offer a complementary Playbook, and a TranquiliT discount code. Oh, and you get to meet my rescue pugs. Gizmo may even we wearing his pink bow tie!

The event is FREE if you join us live. If not, you can download the replay for $10 within 48 hours.

Consider carving out this hour to set your spring intentions with us! Bisous. x