Top 10 Detox Tips

Happy Detox Day 1!

I appreciate you stopping by last night’s Detox Kick Off via Facebook Live. If you missed us live, the 30-minute REPLAY is available here. For some reason the video got pixelated at times, but the audio is clear. Apologies for me turning green and multi-colored!


I won’t be posting everything here, on Facebook, or the Year of Tranquility forum since this is a smaller group, but I am offering to send daily detox love straight to your inbox. Sign up here for detox support.

Detox checklist and more resources HERE.


1. Remove temptations from your home. Bye, bye sugar-coated cereals!

2. Review the basic food plan and pick up these staples: brown rice, fresh and/or frozen veggies (especially kale, spinach, avocados, cauliflower—for cauliflower wings), frozen fruit (for green smoothies or smoothie bowls), chia seed, ground flax seed, black beans, lemon, herbal tea, raw nuts, veggie stock for soups, apples, nut butters, gluten-free whole grains, hummus, etc.

3. Start weaning off the sugar and caffeine. I know, I know!

4. Upgrade your eating to include five servings of fruit and veggies each day.

5. Gather and schedule your self-care: journal, tongue scraper, bath supplies, dry skin brush, exercise, massage.

6. Schedule time for food shopping and prep.

7. Eat plenty of healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocados, and edamame to help curb cravings.

8. Drink plenty of water to help release toxins. Add lemon, mint, and cucumber slices to spice it up!

9. Believe you can do this and enlist the support of others. Better yet, have them join you!

10. Value progress over perfection.

A Peek at Yoga + the Animals

On Saturday  hosted our third annual Yoga + the Animals event at Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary. Below are photos from this year and previous years at the sanctuary.

The gathering began with vegan treats and iced peppermint tea, followed by a one-hour yoga practice led by me on the grass under a big oak tree.

After enjoying an all-level flow, participants started the one-hour tour to meet Jack the 43-year-old donkey, Gretta the noisy goose, Mabel the pretty pink pig (my favorite), and more.

Next we headed to the pool house to enjoy a homemade vegan couscous salad, freshly-cut fruit infused with mint, hummus and pita, and vegan cupcakes.

We raised $1600 for Burleigh Manor. This helps cover the care and feeding of one pig (hello, Mabel) and three chickens for an entire year.

We raised $600 for Pigs & Pugs Project. This helps support our microgrant giving to pug rescues and pig sanctuaries.

We hope to see you next year for our fourth annual Yoga + the Animals gathering. Watch for scoop on our fall event, Pints & Pugs, at a local brewery.

Thank you for generosity and support! You make a difference. Bisous. x