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October in Review

October had tremendous possibility. The summer’s oppressive heat was a distant memory, and the golden leaves promised a world full of beautiful adventures. They made me believe in miracles.—Sarah Guillory

Month in Review

We’re seven days into November and I still have that sweet spot for October. The month serves as a full launch into fall season—my favorite time of the year!

Last month proved challenging and rewarding all rolled into one. Tim was on a west coast bike tour for 2.5 weeks which means I was solely responsible for the four daily walks of our little ones. I’d dash home between clients to ensure their care remained consistent and felt extreme guilt when gone for more than four or five hours. His return late October was a party for the pups (and me)! I continue to adjust to life without my baby, Tranquil Space, and am still contemplating my next chapter. It’s like I’m looking through a camera lens and I can see it, but it’s a bit fuzzy. My work right now is to keep adjusting the lens to bring it into clear and vibrant focus.

During October, I experienced two days of mindful self-compassion training, two days of Positive Psychology training, three days hosting a retreat in West Virginia, afternoons looking at farmettes in the countryside, a dinner with a former Tranquil Space studio director who was visiting DC, a day trip to Richmond to speak at an event, a lunch at Laduree (see vegan salad above) with a former Tranquil Space studio director, teaching yoga and mindfulness classes, a jaunt to the zoo to see the baby orangutan (in love!), Nathan Runkle of Mercy for Animals during his DC book tour event (top photo), a Renoir and Friends exhibit date with a girlfriend, a vet visit to get Belle ready for Christmas in Paris, a dinner date with a girlfriend, an opera in the park date with a girlfriend (and Miss Belle Starr), multiple edits and reviews of the Daybook and Playbook (thanks for your support) and then sent it off to the printer (ships late-November).

Wishing you a joyful month ahead. May November bring moments of gratitude and deep rest. Bisous. x

October Blog/Podcast Wrap Up

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November Wish List

Host sweet Writing Lab
Host inspiring Thanksgiving Day charity class
Restore over Thanksgiving weekend in the woods
Complete Positive Psychology module 2
Pen memoir homework
Fun 10-year friendaversary weekend in NYC (done!)
Bake two dozen vegan pumpkin scones for Tranquil Space birthday party on 11/11
Ship Daybooks and Playbooks
Organize piles of paperwork
Host TranquiliT trunk show at Tranquil Space on 11/11
Open registration for Penning in Paris
Enjoy tiny home in the woods this weekend
Release two podcasts
Collaborate with clients

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August in Review

Life is a process of becoming. A combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.—Anais Nin

August in Review

Last month was filled with adrenaline surges and emotional fluctuations. While I’m still a bit numb from it all, I feel myself slowly emerging. Into what, I’m not sure, but I do see a new normal on the horizon.

August included two trips to see pigs at Farm Sanctuary and Whispering Rise Animal Sanctuary, date night at The Kennedy Center, giving notice to The Women’s Center after three years to focus on private practice, selling Tranquil Space to YogaWorks, giving microgrants, hosting Writing Lab, releasing TranquiliT’s fall collection, decluttering, memoir writing, attending the Animal Rights Conference, and binge watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

As the dust begins to settle and my heart rate slows, I hope to turn my attention toward deeper self-care, rest, and rejuvenation. And to nurturing our online community. Stay tuned for a reemergence this fall that will include Daybook 6.0, an online gathering, and more. I’ve missed you and look forward to reconnecting once the inner well is refilled.

Wishing you a beautiful start to this brand new month! Bisous. x

August Blog/Podcast Wrap Up

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September Wish List

Release two podcasts
Adjust to my new normal
Celebrate Tim’s birthday
Learn lots at memoir intensive
Host celebratory Tranquil Space team event
Make 50 lavender-infused face/body oil gifts
Transition to three days in private practice
Share more about Daybook 6.0
Collaborate with clients
Read, write, and practice yoga daily
Write 5,000 words of memoir
Set tea dates with friends
Dive into Veterinary Social Work curriculum
Spend a full day in declutter mode

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Week in Review

Week in Review

The week after hosting a retreat typically consists of refilling my well through sleeping, time at home, and processing. This one was no exception. Most days I enjoyed a soak in the tub, read from the 20ish books I’m currently in a relationship with, and found myself ready for bed by 9pm.

This week I collaborated with clients, worked on the spring TranquiliT launch (coming next week), picked up a few supplies for my new practice, enjoyed lunch with a friend, taught a four-hour teacher training workshop, attended a Walmart protest, practiced yoga, noshed on many ginger scones from Teaism, met with my writing teacher, taught mindfulness, attended a studio directors’ meeting, recorded a podcast interview, reviewed my February dreams, and penned my March dreams.

Pics in Review

  1. Belle in her new hoodie
  2. Doga with Mookie
  3. Monday’s protest with The Humane League against Walmart’s double standards
  4. Sunday morning
  5. Imitating Mookie
  6. Art journal play

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Weekend Wish List

Virtual Retreat prep
Family time
Soak in the tub
Update LinkedIn profile