Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.—Rumi

Elle Luna, author of The Crossroads of Should and Must, hosts a 100-Day Project encouraging participants to commit to 100 days of doing a creative project for 5-10 minutes. No fancy tools or training needed. Just a desire to try  and commit to something for 100 days.

Is there a project you’d like to commit to through July 12?

If you’re stumped, here are a few ideas: make a green smoothie, paint with mixed media, write in your journal, do sun salutations, read a book, draw a flower, make a page in your art journal, dance through a song, plant a seed, crochet a granny square, bake a sweet treat, send a snail mail note, walk a mile, take a photo, meditate outside, pick up litter, cook a new recipe, donate one item to charity, or be an activist for your favorite cause.

Interested in joining along? If so, what are you willing to commit to do for 100 days?

Share in the comments below (studies show we’re more apt to follow through with things when we write them down and share them) and good luck! I’ll share my plan later this week. Happy creating! Bisous. x


  1. Tami K. says:

    I’m in! I plan to create something every day for the next 100 days whether it’s in my kitchen, in my art journal, a hand-written note, in my FLOW magazine, or a gorgeous aromatherapy project! Time to get those creative juices flowing!

  2. Linda Ann Ewing Wilson says:

    I plan to crochet granny triangles for a bunting 100 triangles would make a beautiful size. Thanks for proposing this project.
    I am in!!

  3. Kirsten says:


    Echoing the others, this is a great idea. I love the idea of a very small chunk of time to commit to each day. For me, I decided to commit to doing some beadwork every day. I quit doing beadwork several years ago and want to begin again.

  4. Maite says:

    I see this as a wake up call that I have neglected the one activity that has seen me through difficult periods in my life: knitting. So I pledge to knit every day for the next 100 days.

  5. Melinda says:

    I’m almost a day late, but I’m in. I need something to get my nose out of my school books for a few minutes each evening. I will create a mini mixed media collage each day.

  6. Maree says:

    I’m going to write a poem everyday with a focus on producing a poem, not on how good it is or what I’m going to do with it. No judgement, just poetry every day for 100 days.

  7. Carrie says:

    After participating in Susannah Conway’s wonderful “78 Mirrors” e-course… I commit to doing a tarot reading for myself every day for the next 100 days, and hopefully beyond!

  8. Roula says:

    Love this and have been doing it for a couple of years now. Although my projects go to 50 days, not 100. That crochet snowflake you got over the holidays? It’s one of fifty 🙂
    Right now I’m on my fifth day of drawing a fish a day with colored pencils. Previous projects included a haiku a day , a greeting card a day, and making bookmarks with inspirational quotes and affirmations. Next will be a flower-a-day with colored pencils.

    This practice has so many benefits. It makes one STOP and just sit and do something you’re committed to. It brings such a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, and joy when it’s completed. And it simply puts a cherry on top of my day, no matter what the day was like.

  9. Cynthia says:

    Yay. I need to knit. I’m going to knit. I’m going to find a way to knit without the young cats participating (unhelpfully). Wish me luck 🙂

  10. Sharon says:

    I always wish I would do more with my art journal but I never do. For the challenge I plan to capture the best moment or memory of each day in my art journal. Nothing elaborate. Just something to remember the day!

  11. Hannah says:

    This is great! I’m going to give up wine and make a green smoothie daily, Kimberly, is our 52 weeks of Tranquility group still live? We all could maybe post our progress in that. This is fun! Thanks <3

  12. Karlie Ybarra says:

    I’m going to read 3 poems each day. I’m so glad you’re doing this! Sometimes I need a push to read for me after reading for work every day.

  13. Karen Ananda says:

    Fabulous I’m in with sending snail mail. I love making collage post cords and hand stamped bookmarks with quotes. Those will keep my creative soul fed and fit nicely into an envelope for happy mail. Send me your addy and I’ll be sure you get one! Thanks for the inspiration

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