24 Days o’ Tranquility

24-Days-EcourseSeeking more tranquility? Want to create habits that nurture your spirit? Make tranquility a way of life.

Make space to infuse my 24 Tranquility Tools into your daily life. This e-course shows you how by exploring Tranquilologie‘s eight daily, weekly, and monthly Tranquility Tools in depth with 24 essays and an accompanying multimedia piece (how-to photos, audio and/or video).

Also included is the beautiful 58-page 24 Days o’ Tranquility e-book ($19 value).

Learn how to: set up a morning and evening routine, create a gratitude practice, entertain on a budget, craft and assess your goals, manage your time, journal, and more.

This e-course provides tools to help you stay inspired, organized, and mindful of your week’s most important tasks and your life’s most important dreams.

May tranquility be a priority now and always. You deserve it!




Tranquility topics:


You will learn:

* How to establish a morning and evening routine
* Simple tips for dressing to express yourself
* Ways to move mindfully and get your heart rate up
* Favorite veggie resources and tips for living healthy
* Suggestions on using your journal as a creative outlet and reflection tool
* Penning and reviewing dreams for success
* How to make gratitude a practice
* Tips on time management and planning your week’s most important tasks
* Favorite bath tub rituals
* Ways to be more mindful with technology
* My go-to decluttering ritual
* How to savor the art of letter writing
* Tips for surrounding yourself with fresh flowers on a budget
* Suggestions for taking Artist Dates
* Favorite green juice and smoothie recipes
* Mani pedi and massage home spa tips
* Ways to make do-gooding a priority
* Tips for entertaining on a budget {and in tiny space}
* Ways to establish and maintain a budget
* My most suggested must-reads and incorporating reading while on-the-go
* Favorite DIY projects for even the most craft-challenged

Materials needed:

* Internet access
* Blank journal
* Yoga mat
* Meditation cushion and/or blanket
* Writing tools


Tranquilologie: A DIY Guide to Everyday Tranquility {available in PDF or hardcover}
Tranquility du Jour Daybook {available in PDF or hardcover}