Tranquility du Jour #391: One Month Post-Detox

One Month Post-Detox with Tim Mooney. We talk about our recent 10-day detox (confessed through my Detox Diaries), how we’re doing one month later, and what changes we’ve incorporated from the experience. Tune in for tips on going through a detox, our love/hate relationship with sugar, and an intro to intermittent fasting.

Tranquility du Jour #391: One Month Post-Detox

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11133760_10153301777884739_5510374363129845987_nTim Mooney serves as General Counsel and Director of Operations for Tranquil SpaceHip Tranquil Ventures and TranquiliT. He also serves as a board member of Tranquil Space Foundation.

Tim maintains a solo law practice focusing on a small number of nonprofit clients. He is also the founder of Nineball Media, an independent podcast and social media production outfit based in Washington, DC.

Most recently, Tim has discovered the joys of bike touring and has launched an online community devoted to bike touring lifestyle at Pedalshift. He was also one half of the 2013 book tour / 11,000-mile North American RV adventure that was Tranquility Tour.

Tim received a B.S. from Syracuse University/SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry and a J.D. from Pace University School of Law. He splits time between the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC and his cabin retreat in Berkeley County, West Virginia with his girlfriend Kimberly Wilson and their pugs, Mookie and Belle Starr.

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  1. I just listened to the detox review podcast. What a great conversation! Tim’s comments about fasting piqued my interest and I can’t wait to watch the BBC piece in the show notes.

    I love approaching detoxes as an experiment instead of a diet. What can I learn about myself (cravings, how eating a certain food effects me, etc.)? How can I up-level my habits and palate in baby steps? I’ve done several Fall detoxes and am amazed at how much time is freed up when I eat only 2-3 meals of simple, vegan foods and how much energy I have while eating them. Post-detox, I’ve been able to integrate many of the habits and foods into daily life.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences!


    • Kimberly Wilson says:

      Thanks, Colleen. SO glad it resonated and thanks for listening. Yes, I, too, need to watch that BBC piece as it sounds enlightening! Yay for simple, vegan, whole foods = more energy and time and health and less suffering for animals! SO great to see you recently! x

  2. Nici says:

    Loved the diaries and the podcast. Im having a lot of food issues at the moment, the worst question in the world is “what do you want to eat?” Im starting to hate food which means I’m angry at it and I resist it then I realise I’m starving and grab whatever I can. I struggle to menu plan, I struggle to shop so it’s takeaways I don’t enjoy (so know the “first 50% is great ….. remainder not so” story or melted cheese or toast . Thankfully I don’t eat pre packed food but deep down I know something’s got to give with my eating … I’m way over weight and plain miserable. Tims chat was inspiring and both of you saying you weren’t hungry on it was good to hear. I think ,aye a detox could help me focus more and listen to my body more . Thank you for this !

    • Kimberly Wilson says:


      Thanks so much for sharing your experience and I’m honored to hear the Detox Diaries and podcast were helpful. There are lots of wonderful books out there, too, and I’m happy to share some if you’d like. Yes, we were surprised how we weren’t hungry, although I was incredibly aware of my sugar cravings. It’s good to take a pause from time to time to assess what is/isn’t working with eating habits. Sending love and encouragement to listen to your body, it has so much to say. x

  3. dee says:


    yes, i suggested you podcast yours and tim’s detox. thank you 🙂

    i led a 3-day yoga/juice cleanse at my studio this weekend, and it was such an empowering, albeit challenging experience.

    i’m the lead instructor at my studio and am currently preparing the curriculum through YA for a 200-hr vinyasa teacher training program.

    my humble beginnings were at your studio back in 2014, the 30+ hour TT with Kevin. his positive, affirming feedback of my skills as a teacher encouraged me to move forward and earn my 200 hr in NC later that year.

    besides marrying my husband, it was the best decision i’ve ever made.

    telling you all this because i’m so grateful for you and TS. for all the work you’re doing for the animals; and for all the non-white, non-straight, non-men people out there you’re fighting for.

    Thank You So Much.


    • Kimberly Wilson says:

      Dear Dee: Yes, I thought it was your suggestion. A 3-day yoga/juice cleanse does sound intense—congrats on completing! I’m SO happy to hear how you’ve grown in your teaching. BIG kudos! Thank you for your kind words about the animals. It’s my everything these days. Thank YOU so much for sharing your story and starting a piece of it with us at Tranquil Space! x

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