Get Curious

Curiosity is the truth and the way of creative living.—Liz Gilbert

Greetings from DC. I’m back from two trips out West: one to the Northwest for a wedding and one to Taos for a writer’s retreat.

I’ve been back in the swing of things for a week now—teaching mindfulness class, seeing clients, walking the pups, taking personal and professional meetings, practicing yoga. It’s grounding to be back to routine despite the thrill of travel.

In a recent post I mentioned that I’d be away for the month to take time out to disconnect. Although I released podcasts, penned a few blog posts, and posted pics on Instagram, I found myself craving more and more space. While I’m not sure what this will look like, I’m getting curious about what’s bubbling up.

When I released HTC10 last December, I shared five lessons I’d learned since writing Hip Tranquil Chick and wrote in the Conclusion:

“Over the next decade I picture myself reading more books, writing more books, sipping more tea, taking more baths, and hitting the pause button on a regular basis. I plan to work to shift our non-profit’s mission to animals and complete the University of Tennessee Veterinary Social Work Certificate program. I hope to return to Paris multiple times and host inspiring retreats around the globe. I intend to simplify my businesses: clothing line, yoga studio, and Tranquility du Jour offerings. And how all of this will unfold? Now that I don’t know yet. Although no five-year plan is in place, I do have an inkling of how I want to feel.”

So, basically, I’m curious. I’m asking myself questions. I’m noticing how I feel. I’m observing what wants attention.

While I let this unfold, I may continue to take time out as I did the past month. I’m still here, still sharing, still loving this community and, also, getting curious about what’s percolating within. Bisous. x


  1. Beth Howard says:

    For as accomplished and ambitious as you are, “tired” is how you must feel! Seriously, you are one impressive, high-achieving woman. I would say a little “reflective time” sounds like a good thing for you. Let all that you have achieved percolate. Let the answers find you. I know you are going to continue to make valuable and meaningful contributions to this world. I–along with many others–will be here cheering you on.

  2. Kristi says:

    I feel like I reinvent some portion of myself from time to time. It’s great to reflect on “things” and gain deeper perspective. I also find hitting the pause button to be a lifesaver. My problem is trying to figure out how to hit the pause button when your partner isn’t in need of it? You are a true creative Kimberly – I’m excited to see what “bubbles up” for you!

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